control room


  1. a room housing control equipment, as in a recording studio.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of control room1

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

The Delhi police have been equipping their control room vehicles with facial recognition systems, and have already made at least 42 arrests with the help of this technology.

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Its mature interface and workflow combine the sense of working with a control room console with some of the most powerful multitrack audio editing capabilities in the world.

Once back in the control room, Will launched the experiment’s slot machine game.

Cheers, clapping and fist-pumps erupted in the control room, which was half-empty because of the coronavirus pandemic.

When the F5 with no changes was flown, you could hear people in the control room shouting because of the loud boom.

Control Room Sook Shoot Out -- some editorial changes and some VFX muzzle flashes.

You will see the complete revised section, from the control-room scene in North Korea, through to the end of the movie.

Each time I entered the control room to start a new track, I would wonder what treats were in store.

After several takes, we all went into the control room to hear what we had done.

But because Abu Jindal was actually in the control room in Karachi his accusation is even more powerful.

He stepped within a luxurious cabin and would have gone on into the little control room, but his guide checked him.

The glass of his control room was obscured by a clinging, glowing mass while still the little cruiser tore on.

My eyes followed his finger pointing through the far arched doorway to the control room.

Humbolt and Lake ran on, Fenrir raging beside them, and into the control room.

Lake looked at him questioningly as he entered the control room and he said, "She'll live."


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