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/ ˈkɒnvɜːslɪ /


  1. sentence modifier in a contrary or opposite way; on the other hand

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Example Sentences

Conversely, she noted that some African Americans are hostile to Muslims who own liquor stores in their communities.

Conversely, the way we get the Donald Sterlings of tomorrow is by shutting up the Mark Cubans of today.

Conversely, Cersei never consents on the show, and cries and objects throughout the scene.

Conversely, birth control prescriptions were 31 percent lower.

Conversely, the Divergent film is self-consciously, proudly progressive.

Can we say, conversely, that it consists wholly of such accuracy of response?

Conversely it will be less in places where sunshine and heat are very abundant during the summer.

Conversely, when the midwife is rewarded with that which seems valuable it turns out worthless.

So Jeffryes would sometimes spend the whole evening trying to transmit a single message, or, conversely, trying to receive one.

He has proof of the constructive power of righteousness, and conversely he learns the destructive power of sin.