[ kuh n-vur-tuh-buh l ]
/ kənˈvɜr tə bəl /


capable of being converted.
having a folding top, as an automobile or pleasure boat.
exchangeable for something of equal value: debts payable only in convertible currencies.


an automobile or a boat with a folding top.
a sofa, couch, or chair whose seating section can be folded out into a bed.
Finance. a convertible bond or security.

Origin of convertible

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English word from Medieval Latin word convertibilis. See convert1, -ible

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British Dictionary definitions for convertible

/ (kənˈvɜːtəbəl) /


capable of being converted
(of a car) having a folding or removable roof
  1. a bond or debenture that can be converted to ordinary or preference shares on a fixed date at a fixed price
  2. (of a paper currency) exchangeable on demand for precious metal to an equivalent value
  3. Canadian (of a mortgage) able to be converted into a longer term mortgage without financial penalty


a car with a folding or removable roof

Derived forms of convertible

convertibility or convertibleness, nounconvertibly, adverb
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