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[ kuhn-veyd ]


  1. communicated or made known:

    Together, these philanthropists developed a set of ethics, values, and informally conveyed "standard operating procedures" for charitable work.

    Orally conveyed complaints shall not be entertained.

  2. Law. transferred or passed from one person to another:

    All transfers of property must be covered by contract, and all contracts must be fulfilled by the actual delivery of the conveyed property.

  3. carried, transported, or led from one place to another:

    Air delivery is fastest but also costly, so selection of this option is usually due to the necessity, urgency, and high value of the conveyed cargo.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of convey ( def ).

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  • qua·si-con·veyed adjective
  • well-con·veyed adjective

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Example Sentences

Only 16 percent of the students said they would definitely not “address, confront, or otherwise convey disappointment” to the person who did not vote.

From Vox

Agencies also need to broadcast the availability of multichannel options to citizens directly in order to convey value and drive broader community awareness of their existence.

From Fortune

If you’re trying to convey emotions, the way you use these tools will depend on what you want your audience to feel.

People’s brains are exquisitely tuned into faces, and the wealth of information that expressions can convey.

Early proof-of-concept studies provide convincing evidence that tattoos can be engineered, not only to change color, but to sense and convey biomedical information, including the onset of cancer.

Finally, he landed a meeting with Jolie and conveyed his respect for “The Greatest Generation.”

By using some sort of filter—like, perhaps, a universally understood saying—the trait is more easily conveyed.

Her speech was powerful—and it also conveyed the attitude that abortion wasn't a real choice for her.

Information is conveyed as still-lifes and montages, plaques, and videos.

So, I conveyed this to Tom and we invited Tom over to our house for dinner and said, “Brace yourself.”

The treasure taken on board these vessels was afterwards conveyed to the bank of England in 20 wagons.

To get rid of our lamentations, the captain launched out in praises of the charming little town, and had us conveyed to land.

Casey was arrested and conveyed to jail under great popular excitement.

There is no part of these castings but may be easily conveyed in a common butt or cart.

The letter, fantastically expressed as it was, conveyed the true condition of the hour.


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