cookie cutter

  1. a device, usually of metal, for cutting shaped forms, as circles or stars, for cookies from dough that has been rolled flat.



[ kook-ee-kuht-er ]

  1. having the same configuration or look as many others of a given kind; identical:

    rows of cookie-cutter houses.

  2. lacking individuality; stereotyped or formulaic:

    a novel filled with cookie-cutter characters.


  1. a shape with a sharp edge for cutting individual biscuits from a sheet of dough

  1. resembling many others of the same kind

    a row of cookie-cutter houses

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cookie cutter1

An Americanism dating back to 1900–05

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Example Sentences

“A lot of times we want this cookie cutter thing where we can say foam rollers work for everyone but I think it’s hard to people, including researchers, to grasp that there isn’t one thing that works for everyone,” says Dabbs.

Keen-eyed solvers noted that there was no restriction on the convexity of the cookie cutter.

I love them because there is no rolling, no chilling, no cookie cutters.

Using a small cookie cutter or pie stamp, cut as many cutouts from the dough as you can.

The problem is, “Yoga therapeutics has become very cookie cutter,” says Cruikshank.

Eric Cantor was a noxious, cookie-cutter, U.S. Chamber, GOP hypocrite.

There is no cookie-cutter plan for social media; you have to find what appeals most to your specific audience.

Of course, Betty and Don are not the perfect cookie cutter humans they so desperately wish to be seen as.

For CinemaSins, the cookie cutter approach often takes much of the chaff, but leaves behind the wheat.

Cut with a cookie cutter a round of bread from a thick slice, then a ring with a doughnut cutter.

Roll very thin, cut with cookie cutter, lay on Criscoed tins, bake in moderately hot oven five minutes.

Cut with a large cookie cutter and then bake in a hot oven for fifteen minutes.

Roll out ¼-inch thick on floured board; cut with cookie cutter.

Roll out thin on slightly floured board and cut with cookie cutter.





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