[ koo-lee ]


  1. Charles Hor·ton [hawr, -tn], 1864–1929, U.S. author and pioneer in the field of sociology.

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Cooley closed his final press conference of the 2020-21 season with a declaration that changes would be coming, but few if any expected the success of 2021-22.

“American Band,” however, erased many of those filters, as both Hood and Cooley composed songs that dealt explicitly and angrily with a range of issues, including gun control, mass shootings and racial violence.

The District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court had ruled in favor of Cooley’s argument, which the Supreme Court overturned.

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Why they emerge exclusively in prime number year cycles, meanwhile, is what Cooley calls “the question of the hour.”

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Between 2011 and earlier this year, Miami public defender Josh Cooley represented one of two brothers who are sovereigns.

“He starts trying to give the judge papers, but he refuses to address her as ‘judge,’” Cooley told The Daily Beast.

Before long, the judge asked the bailiff to remove him, Cooley said.

Cooley has decided not to seek a fourth term as D.A. and will be leaving office after the November election.

She told them Cooley, the tough-talking former Los Angeles County District Attorney, was losing percentage points by the hour.

Attorney Cooley asked this witness about the speech made at an unspecified street meeting.

After excusing this witness, Cooley brought in copies of two city ordinances covering street speaking in Everett.

Mr. McLaren and you had reached an understanding in your talk before Mr. Cooley came?

Cooley will show up well next year, and would, no doubt, have done better if the conditions had been more favorable.

Cooley asked the witness how many people usually attended the meetings.





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