or coombe

[ koom, kohm ]


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[ koom ]

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How to use coomb in a sentence

  • As the coomb opened, the squire went along a hedge near but not quite to the top.

    Field and Hedgerow | Richard Jefferies
  • It would be rapture, belike, in a Devon coomb, or on a Hampshire hill-top.

    The Record of Nicholas Freydon | A. J. (Alec John) Dawson
  • Behind the house opened a narrow coomb and descended a road to the dwelling.

    The Red Redmaynes | Eden Phillpotts
  • Down below the sea was dashing into the mouth of the glen, or coomb, as they call it there.

  • This coomb is seen on the eastern side of the valley of the Ouse, in the suburbs of the town of Lewes.

British Dictionary definitions for coomb


combe, coombe or comb

/ (kuːm) /

  1. mainly Southern English a short valley or deep hollow, esp in chalk areas

  2. mainly Northern English another name for cirque

Origin of coomb

Old English cumb (in place names), probably of Celtic origin; compare Old French combe small valley and Welsh cwm valley

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