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or coot·y

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noun plural coot·ies. Informal.
  1. a louse, especially one affecting humans, as the body louse, head louse, or pubic louse.
  2. a child's term for an imaginary germ or disease that one can catch by touching a person who is disliked or socially avoided: The girls at camp thought the boys had cooties.
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Origin of cootie

1910–15; perhaps < Malay kutu biting body louse, with final syllable conformed to -ie



or coot·y

noun Scot.
  1. a wooden container, especially a wooden bowl, for storing or serving food or drink.
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Origin of cootie

1775–85; variant of Scots cood, of uncertain origin


[wil-yuh mz]
  1. Ben Ames [eymz] /eɪmz/, 1889–1953, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.
  2. BertEgbert Austin Williams, 1876?–1922, U.S. comedian and songwriter.
  3. Charles MelvinCootie, 1910–85, U.S. jazz trumpeter and bandleader.
  4. Daniel Hale,1858–1931, U.S. surgeon and educator: performed first successful heart surgery 1893.
  5. ElizabethBetty, born 1943, Northern Irish peace activist: Nobel prize 1976.
  6. Em·lyn [em-lin] /ˈɛm lɪn/, 1905–87, Welsh playwright and actor.
  7. Eric Eustace,1911–81, Trinidadian politician: first prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago 1962–81.
  8. G. Men·nen [men-uh n] /ˈmɛn ən/, 1911–88, U.S. politician and diplomat.
  9. Hank,1923–53, U.S. country-and-western singer, musician, and composer.
  10. John Towner,born 1932, U.S. composer and conductor.
  11. Ralph Vaughan. Vaughan Williams, Ralph.
  12. Roger,1603?–83, English clergyman in America: founder of Rhode Island colony 1636.
  13. Serena,born 1981, U.S. tennis player (sister of Venus Williams).
  14. TennesseeThomas Lanier Williams, 1911–83, U.S. dramatist.
  15. Theodore SamuelTed, 1918–2002, U.S. baseball player.
  16. Venus,born 1980, U.S. tennis player (sister of Serena Williams).
  17. William,1731–1811, U.S. merchant and revolutionary statesman.
  18. William Car·los [kahr-lohs] /ˈkɑr loʊs/, 1883–1963, U.S. poet and novelist.
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tick, vermin, pest, mite, bee, butterfly, gnat, dragonfly, moth, grasshopper, spider, cockroach, termite, ant, mosquito, beetle, flea, aphid, ladybug, fly

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  1. US and NZ a slang name for the body louseAlso called (NZ): kutu See louse (def. 1)
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Word Origin for cootie

C20: perhaps from Malay or Māori kutu louse


  1. Hank, real name Hiram Williams. 1923–53, US country singer and songwriter. His songs (all 1948–52) include "Jambalaya", "Your Cheatin' Heart", and "Why Don't you Love me (like you Used to Do?)"
  2. John. born 1941, Australian classical guitarist, living in Britain
  3. John (Towner). born 1932, US composer of film music; his scores include those for Jaws (1975), Star Wars (1977), E.T. (1982), Schindler's List (1993), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001), and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005)
  4. Ralph Vaughan. See (Ralph) Vaughan Williams
  5. Raymond (Henry). 1921–88, British literary critic and novelist, noted esp for such works as Culture and Society (1958) and The Long Revolution (1961), which offer a socialist analysis of the relationship between society and culture
  6. Robbie, full name Robert Peter Williams. born 1974, British pop singer and songwriter. A member of Take That (1990–95; and from 2010), he found solo success with "Angels" (1997) and the albums Life Thru a Lens (1997), Swing When You're Winning (2001), and Escapology (2002)
  7. Robin (McLaurim). born 1951, US film actor and comedian; films include Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets' Society (1989), Mrs Doubtfire (1993), and Insomnia (2002)
  8. Rowan (Douglas). Baron. born 1950, Archbishop of Canterbury (2002–2012); Archbishop of Wales (2000–02)
  9. Serena . born 1981, US tennis player, sister of Venus Williams: since 1999 she has won sixteen Grand Slam singles titles, including the Australian Open five times, Wimbledon five times, and the US Open four times
  10. Tennessee, real name Thomas Lanier Williams. 1911–83, US dramatist. His plays include The Glass Menagerie (1944), A Streetcar Named Desire (1947), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955), and Night of the Iguana (1961)
  11. Venus . born 1980, US tennis player: winner of seven Grand Slam singles titles, including Wimbledon five times (2000–01, 2005, 2007–08); with her sister Serena she has won thirteen Grand Slam doubles titles
  12. William Carlos (ˈkɑːləs). 1883–1963, US poet, who formulated the poetic concept "no ideas but in things". His works include Paterson (1946–58), which explores the daily life of a man living in a modern city, and the prose work In the American Grain (1925)
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Word Origin and History for cootie


"body lice," 1917, British World War I slang, earlier in nautical use, said to be from Malay kutu "dog tick."

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