[ kawr-uh, kohr-uh ]


  1. Classical Mythology. Kore.
  2. a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “girl.”

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Example Sentences

Cora said he leaves his door open for any players who want to bring up his role with the Astros, but no one has taken him up on the offer.

Even brief appearances by side characters like Ellis, a new train conductor, played by Marcus “MJ” Gladney, and Lovey, an enslaved girl on Cora’s and Cesar’s plantation, played by Zsane Jhe, are as impactful as longer-written characters.

In the North Carolina section, Cora’s alone in an attic for like, 70 pages, and in the novel, you can have her have conversations, look out a little peephole, and you can expand the space.

From Time

Mbedu says that the changes shifted the equation for Cora, sometimes encouraging her to take action out of a sense of duty to people she cares for.

If it’s something Cora understands, she follows her teacher’s directions.

It was my opportunity to grant Cora an independent moment away from being a mother, and being a wife.

“Cora is, in a way, less afraid of change than Robert,” he continued.

Cora studied her photo and forged signature with obvious wonderment.

Thus all the greater irony that Downton required another American import, Cora Grantham, in order to keep the estate running.

Moriarty overcomes the predictability by insisting on the complexity of Cora, who is both flat and expansive as a character.

This species comes between the Danais cora of Godart and his D. coreta.

It seemed a strange story to the girls, but Cora felt that she should like to go and help in the work.

Ringing the bell which stood on the table beside him, he bade Cora, who appeared, to send Mrs. Amy to him.

It was just as Elsie said—she didn't know whether to turn Cora or Clara toward folks.

Do you wonder now, Cora, that I love him so dearly, though he is my step-brother?