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[kawr-duh-buh, -vuh; Spanish kawr-th aw-vah]
noun, plural cor·do·bas [kawr-duh-buh z, -vuh z; Spanish kawr-th aw-vahs] /ˈkɔr də bəz, -vəz; Spanish ˈkɔr ðɔ vɑs/,
  1. a silver coin and monetary unit of Nicaragua, equal to 100 centavos.
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[kawr-duh-buh, -vuh; Spanish kawr-th aw-vah]
  1. Also Cor·do·ba, Cordova. a city in S Spain on the Guadalquivir River: the capital of Spain under Moorish rule.
  2. a city in central Argentina.
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  • Besides, in what is now Portugal there had been no great capital like Cordoba.

    Portuguese Architecture

    Walter Crum Watson

  • There are four only that are riding back toward the Cordoba road.

    Ahead of the Army

    W. O. Stoddard

  • Within ten days of his reaching Havana, Cordoba died of his wounds.

    The American Egypt

    Channing Arnold

  • Cordoba lost twenty men, and many of the Indians were killed.

    The American Egypt

    Channing Arnold

  • Tucuman is now reached by railway from the south by way of Cordoba.


    W. A. Hirst

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  1. the standard monetary unit of Nicaragua, divided into 100 centavos
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Word Origin

named in honour of Francisco Fernández de Córdoba 2


  1. a city in central Argentina: university (1613). Pop: 1 592 000 (2005 est)
  2. a city in S Spain, on the Guadalquivir River: centre of Moorish Spain (711–1236). Pop: 318 628 (2003 est)English name: Cordova
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  1. Francisco Fernández de (franˈθisko fɛrˈnandɛθ de). died 1518, Spanish soldier and explorer, who discovered Yucatán
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