[ kawr-dn-bloo, -don- ]
/ ˌkɔr dnˈblu, -dɒn- /
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any of several small African finches of the genus Uraeginthus, having pale blue and buff plumage and commonly kept as cage birds.
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Origin of cordonbleu

<French cordon bleu;see cordon bleu

Other definitions for cordonbleu (2 of 2)

cordon bleu
[ French kawr-dawn-blœ ]
/ French kɔr dɔ̃ ˈblœ /

noun, plural cor·dons bleus [French kawr-dawn-blœ]. /French kɔr dɔ̃ ˈblœ/.
the sky-blue ribbon worn as a badge by knights of the highest order of French knighthood under the Bourbons.
some similar high distinction.
one entitled to wear the cordon bleu.
any person of great distinction in a specific field, especially a distinguished chef.
(of a dish made with thin slices of veal, chicken, etc.) interlaid or stuffed with ham and cheese and then sautéed: chicken cordon bleu.

Origin of cordon bleu

1720–30; <French: literally, blue ribbon
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British Dictionary definitions for cordonbleu

cordon bleu
/ (French kɔrdɔ̃ blø) /

French history
  1. the sky-blue ribbon worn by members of the highest order of knighthood under the Bourbon monarchy
  2. a knight entitled to wear the cordon bleu
any very high distinction
of or denoting food prepared to a very high standard

Word Origin for cordon bleu

French, literally: blue ribbon
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