[ kawr-muhk ]


  1. Allan Mac·Leod [m, uh, -, kloud], 1924–98, U.S. physicist and biophysicist, born in South Africa: Nobel Prize 1979.

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Example Sentences

It’s likely we will know who the next president is by the December holiday season, Cormack said.

From Digiday

Cormack added that unlike past years’ debates and election nights, people will be unable to or discouraged from attending viewing parties and election celebrations as well due to the coronavirus.

From Digiday

Listen to the words of one who loves thee—the words of Cormack—of the bard.

That's the burden, or the quoir, as father Cormack calls it;—the o'erword, like.

The first was Cormack, who named it a long time ago, and the second Mr. Howley, who was there in 1875.

Mr. Cormack did not succeed in the main object he had in view, yet was his trouble anything but profitless.

Mrs. Cormack stood and stared, now at Maggie, and now at the bundle that lay in her own arms.


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