or corn bread

[ kawrn-bred ]

  1. Also called Indian bread. a quick bread made from cornmeal and often including buttermilk or bacon drippings, originating from the cooking of Native Americans and common in the American South.

  2. Also called korn·broyt [Yiddish kawrn-broit]; /Yiddish ˈkɔrn brɔɪt/; Jew·ish corn rye [joo ish kawrn-rahy] /ˈdʒu ɪʃ ˈkɔrn ˌraɪ/ . a heavy sourdough rye bread, usually dusted with cornmeal.

Origin of cornbread

An Americanism dating back to 1740–50

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British Dictionary definitions for corn bread

corn bread

  1. a kind of bread made from maize meal: Also called: Indian bread

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