[ kawr-nel ]


  1. Ezra, 1809–74, U.S. capitalist and philanthropist.
  2. Katharine, 1898–1974, U.S. actress.
  3. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

On a few days, the Cornell dashboard showed, testing turned up a dozen student cases of the virus.

Cornell said home goods sales rose by a mid-20s percentage last quarter.

From Fortune

Another site, Review Skeptic, which is based on the Cornell research, allows users to cut and paste reviews into a box to be analyzed.

Kiki went on to study government at Cornell and married Martin Ginsburg shortly after graduation.

From Ozy

Cornell said back-to-school sales, off to a slow start, were hard to get a handle on.

From Fortune

Fred Logevall at Cornell won the Pulitzer Prize and is a diplomatic historian; he just started a book on Kennedy.

He told Cornell that Daniel Craig would be the next James Bond before that was a reality.

She could have used her Cornell degree to seek wealth, but she chose to teach at an inner city school.

After the 1992 summer games in Barcelona, scientists at Cornell University studied the faces of Olympians who had just won medals.

Melissa Cheyney, chief author of the pro-home-birth MANA study, calls the Cornell methodology “misleading.”

A test suit is pending against Judge Cornell for false imprisonment, brought by one of the shirt-waist strikers.

Well, if Mr. Cornell can come up with something new, I'll be most happy to hear him out.

Peter Wright came out and was standing in readiness by the time Mr. Cornell's car came to a stop by the curb.

Mr. Cornell called me about fifteen minutes after twelve and asked me to put him down for a call at eight o'clock this morning.

Please be assured that no one connected with this hotel has any intention of confusing you, Mr. Cornell.





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