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corner store

[ kawr-ner stawr ]


  1. a small grocery or convenience store that stocks snacks, food staples, household and sanitary items, tobacco products, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and sometimes deli items, prepared foods, or a limited selection of fresh produce.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of corner store1

First recorded in 1860–65

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Example Sentences

The voice of Eric Garner, outside his corner store, not theirs.

At the corner store or in the medicine cabinet or next to the bread in the pantry—all seem closer at hand than black market pot.

One child was asked ‘Where does your mother buy bread’, and they replied in the corner store.

“Bare feet and firecrackers and cousins and walking down dirt roads to a corner store to get a Coke or Pepsi,” she rhapsodizes.

None of them had a cellphone, so they ended up at a corner store to get directions.

Now, the mother of three children, nothing could persuade her to go on the streets alone beyond the corner store.

At the corner store Ted found his 50 two friends; the automobile had long since left.

I wrote the man at the Corner Store to hold them until we called there for them.

The men around the corner store at home were forever telling stories about the big yarns that Were told in the West.

A druggist was obliged to move from his corner store four doors east on a side street.


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