[ kawrn-ferth, -fawrth, -fohrth ]

  1. Sir John War·cup [wawr-kuhp], /ˈwɔr kʌp/, 1917–2013, British chemist, born in Australia: Nobel Prize 1975.

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How to use Cornforth in a sentence

  • I was some weeks in Colorado (I bought a ranch there for my sons) and drank Mr. Cornforth's tea all the time.

  • Mr. Cornforth sells much of it in Denver, and many, his manager told me, drink it pure.

  • Count Bindo—or Albert Cornforth, as he now chose to be known—was having a most excellent time.

    The Count's Chauffeur | William Le Queux

British Dictionary definitions for Cornforth


/ (ˈkɔːnˌfɔːθ) /

  1. Sir John Warcup. born 1917, Australian chemist, who shared the 1975 Nobel prize for chemistry with Vladimir Prelog for their work on stereochemistry

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