/ ˈkɔːnˌwɛl /


  1. CornwellPatricia D(aniels)1956FUSWRITING: novelist Patricia D ( aniels ). born 1956, US crime novelist; her novels, many of which feature the pathologist Dr Kay Scarpetta, include Postmortem (1990), The Last Precinct (2000), and Isle of Dogs (2002)

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Example Sentences

Most of the major players in the Christian Right signed the Cornwell Alliance papers.

Crime writer Patricia Cornwell returns with a new book featuring her heroine Scarpetta, Red Mist.

With 100 million copies of her books now in print, Cornwell is often hailed as an expert on blood, bad guys, and DNA.

But once she came on board, with the focus off of her signature character, Cornwell says the pressure eased.

And Patricia Cornwell is suing her money manager for—what else?

Mr. Cornwell is a republican in politics and served for several years as deputy assessor.

After the first dismissal, the Postmaster General himself had reinstated Cornwell.

He had strong parental and kindred ties to break, but resolved to break them rather than remain under Miss Cornwell.

Recently in the same vicinity Arthur Cornwell obtained an average of seventy-three bushels per acre.

Mr. Cornwell states that an infusion of English blood does nothing to improve these hardy Morocco ponies.





Cornwallis, Charlescorn whiskey