[ kuh-rol-uh ]

  1. the inner envelope of floral leaves of a flower, usually of delicate texture and of some color other than green; the petals considered collectively.

Origin of corolla

1665–75; <Latin: little garland, equivalent to corōn(a) garland, corona + -la diminutive suffix; see -ule

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How to use corolla in a sentence

  • The segments of the corolla are pointed but on some varieties unequal, particularly that of Shiraz tobacco.

  • The last sighs of a man will weave the brilliant corolla of a flower, or expand like a smile over the verdant meadow.

    Urania | Camille Flammarion
  • Hadria was picking the petals off a buttercup one by one, and when she had destroyed one golden corolla, she attacked another.

  • If some botanist should attempt the operation, could his genius smooth out the folds of the bruised corolla?

    Honorine | Honore de Balzac
  • There are only two known species, and they vary in the number of their Stamina, and divisions of the corolla.

British Dictionary definitions for corolla


/ (kəˈrɒlə) /

  1. the petals of a flower collectively, forming an inner floral envelope: Compare calyx

Origin of corolla

C17 dim. of L corōna crown

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Scientific definitions for corolla


[ kə-rŏlə, kə-rō ]

  1. The petals of a flower considered as a group or unit. See more at flower.

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