Corona Borealis

[kuh-roh-nuh bawr-ee-al-is, -ey-lis, -bohr-]
noun, genitive Co·ro·nae Bo·re·al·is [kuh-roh-nee bawr-ee-al-is, -ey-lis, -bohr-] /kəˈroʊ ni ˌbɔr iˈæl ɪs, -ˈeɪ lɪs, -ˌboʊr-/. Astronomy.
  1. the Northern Crown, a northern constellation between Hercules and Boötes.

Origin of Corona Borealis

< Latin: literally, northern crown Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

British Dictionary definitions for corona borealis

Corona Borealis

noun Latin genitive Coronae Borealis (kəˈrəʊniː)
  1. a small compact constellation in the N hemisphere lying between Boötes and Hercules

Word Origin for Corona Borealis

literally: Northern crown
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corona borealis in Science

Corona Borealis

  1. A constellation (the Northern Crown) in the Northern Hemisphere between Hercules and Boötes.
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