[ kawr-uh-nah-doh, kor-; Spanish kaw-raw-nah-thaw ]


  1. Fran·cis·co Vás·quez de [f, r, ahn-, thees, -kaw , bahs, -keth , th, e, frahn-, sees, -kaw , bahs, -kes], 1510–54?, Spanish explorer in North America.
  2. a city in SW California, near San Diego.

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Example Sentences

They said other South County families are traveling to Coronado for pool access.

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey has a much different take on where we should be going.

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey, Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara and Vaus – it seems – would have been happy with either solution.

Thank you for your recent VOSD story on the backlash to anti-racism efforts in the Coronado school district.

Opponents also object to changes to Coronado’s educational program without first seeking public comment and debate.

At one point Mullaney returned to Coronado and served as a BUD/S instructor training junior SEALs.

I arrived at BUD/S in Coronado (about five miles south of San Diego) on March 31, 1982, fired up and ready for action.

The goal was to get your IBS through the surf and onto a forty-foot-high rock formation near Coronado Cays.

Two hours later, Rebecca Zahau hanged herself from a balcony in an interior courtyard of the Coronado home.

Frank told The Daily Beast that Shacknai was not in Coronado at the time of her death but would not say where he was.

Coronado, although he had spent great part of his life in courting women, was a bachelor.

Coronado glanced at Garcia with a shocking comprehension, and immediately dropped his dusky eyes upon the floor.

Coronado was dressed, on this spring morning, precisely as American dandies then dressed for summer promenades on Broadway.

As Coronado lounged into the main doorway he was run against by a short, pursy old gentleman who was rushing out.

Coronado, dumb with astonishment and dismay, mechanically slapped his boot with his cane and stared at Garcia.


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