[ kawr, kohr ]
/ kɔr, koʊr /

noun, plural corps [kawrz, kohrz] /kɔrz, koʊrz/.

  1. a military organization consisting of officers and enlisted personnel or of officers alone: the U.S. Marine Corps; corps of cadets.
  2. a military unit of ground combat forces consisting of two or more divisions and other troops.
a group of persons associated or acting together: the diplomatic corps; the press corps.
Printing. a Continental designation that, preceded by a number, indicates size of type in Didot points of 0.0148 inches (3.8 mm): 14 corps.
Obsolete. corpse.

Origin of corps

1225–75; Middle English corps, cors < Middle French < Latin corpus body; see corpse


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British Dictionary definitions for corps

/ (kɔː) /

noun plural corps (kɔːz)

a military formation that comprises two or more divisions and additional support arms
a military body with a specific functionintelligence corps; medical corps
a body of people associated togetherthe diplomatic corps

Word Origin for corps

C18: from French, from Latin corpus body
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