[ skwod-ruhn ]
/ ˈskwɒd rən /
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a portion of a naval fleet or a detachment of warships; a subdivision of a fleet.
an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more troops, a headquarters, and various supporting units.
(in the U.S. Air Force).
  1. the basic administrative and tactical unit, smaller than a group and composed of two or more flights.
  2. a flight formation.
a number of persons grouped or united together for some purpose; group.

verb (used with object)

to form into a squadron or squadrons; marshal or array in or as if in squadrons.



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Origin of squadron

1555–65; <Italian squadrone, equivalent to squadr(a) square + -one augmentative suffix


half-squadron, nounsub·squad·ron, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for squadron

/ (ˈskwɒdrən) /


  1. a subdivision of a naval fleet detached for a particular task
  2. a number of naval units usually of similar type and consisting of two or more divisions
a cavalry unit comprising two or more troops, headquarters, and supporting arms
the basic tactical and administrative air force unit comprising two or more flights
Abbreviation: sqn

Word Origin for squadron

C16: from Italian squadrone soldiers drawn up in square formation, from squadro square
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