[ kuh-reyd, kaw- ]

verb (used without object),cor·rad·ed, cor·rad·ing.
  1. (of a moving agent, as running water, wind, or a glacier) to erode by the abrasion of materials carried along.

  2. to disintegrate as a result of corrasion, as the rock underlying the brink of a waterfall.

verb (used with object),cor·rad·ed, cor·rad·ing.
  1. to wear down by corrasion; abrade.

Origin of corrade

1610–20; <Latin corrādere to scrape together, equivalent to cor-cor- + rādere to scrape. See erase, raze

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British Dictionary definitions for corrade


/ (kɒˈreɪd) /

  1. (of rivers, streams, etc) to erode (land) by the abrasive action of rock particles

Origin of corrade

C17: from Latin corrādere to scrape together, from rādere to scrape

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