[ kawr-tahy-nuh, -tee-nuh ]

noun,plural cor·ti·nae [kawr-tahy-nee, -tee-nahy]. /kɔrˈtaɪ ni, -ˈti naɪ/. Mycology.
  1. a weblike, often evanescent veil covering the gills or hanging from the cap edge of certain mushrooms, particularly those of genus Cortinarius, and sometimes persisting as a ring or remnant of fibrils around the mushroom stalk.

Origin of cortina

1825–35; <New Latin; Late Latin cortīnacurtain

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How to use cortina in a sentence

  • There is in consequence little agriculture and no cultivation of the vine in the immediate neighbourhood of cortina.

    Tyrol and its People | Clive Holland
  • From Tre Croci the beautiful road runs direct to cortina down a rather steep incline.

    Tyrol and its People | Clive Holland
  • cortina lies in its valley like a white shell that has rolled down into a broad vase of malachite.

    Little Rivers | Henry van Dyke
  • The art schools of cortina are famous for their beautiful work in gold and silver filigree, and wood-inlaying.

    Little Rivers | Henry van Dyke
  • When a stern necessity forces one to leave cortina, there are several ways of departure.

    Little Rivers | Henry van Dyke