[ kuh-rid-l-is ]

  1. any of the erect or climbing plants constituting the genus Corydalis, of the poppy family, having divided leaves, tuberous or fibrous roots, and clusters of irregular spurred flowers.

Origin of corydalis

1810–20; <New Latin <Greek korydallís, extended variant of korydós crested lark, derivative of koryd-, variant of koryth- (stem of kórys) helmet, head, crest; akin to kára head

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How to use corydalis in a sentence

  • The little geranium known as herb-robert is a neighbor of the corydalis, and, like it, stands the cold remarkably well.

    A Rambler's lease | Bradford Torrey
  • The hellgramite, the larva of the corydalis fly, in its native waters, is also successful for still-fishing.

    Favorite Fish and Fishing | James Alexander Henshall
  • Farther on are close green tufts of the corydalis, with its delicate lilac flowers.

    A Year in a Lancashire Garden | Henry Arthur Bright
  • With one plant of corydalis lutea a stock can soon be obtained, as this variety seeds freely.

    Small Gardens | Violet Purton Biddle
  • When the dobson is full grown, it is called a hellgrammite fly or horned corydalis.

British Dictionary definitions for corydalis


/ (kəˈrɪdəlɪs) /

  1. any erect or climbing plant of the N temperate genus Corydalis, having finely-lobed leaves and spurred yellow or pinkish flowers: family Fumariaceae: Also called: fumitory

Origin of corydalis

C19: from New Latin, from Greek korudallis variant of korudos crested lark, from korus helmet, crest; alluding to the appearance of the flowers

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