[ kos-too-ming, -tyoo- ]


  1. material for costumes.
  2. costumes collectively.
  3. the act of furnishing or designing costumes.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of costuming1

First recorded in 1855–60; costume + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

With figure skating, since the men and women are doing the same elements on the very same ice, things like costuming, music choice and choreography became the way the distinctions between male and female, masculine and feminine are made.

In the film, the costuming plays an important role in showing the narrative arcs of the characters.

From Time

Halloween is not a big holiday in Great Britain, Crawbuck says, at least when it comes to costuming.

The vibrant choreography and lush costuming in one scene is juxtaposed by the stillness and bareness of the next.

It’s bloody, epic in scope, and all the costuming is on point.

There is a lot of elaborate make-up and costuming, and then a UFO arrives.

The show was widely reported on for its eccentric costuming, and the episode translations.

In Political Animals, clothes are not merely costuming; they are expressions of character motivation.

And the costuming of the soft-focus heroine is feminine, maternal and homey.

They might not have been wholly intellectual in their costuming, but their message was multilayered.

All sports have their ethics and rules and their correct costuming.

These last are the most picturesque note as to costuming and colouring in all Venice to-day.

Lay aside this theatrical costuming of cavalry, of military step, &c., and it will be found that these meetings were lawful.

He played a great part in costuming, but, curiously enough, he could never play parts of what I call elemental picturesqueness.

Carefully Mrs. Phillips had made a study of every detail of Greek dancing and costuming.


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