/ (ˈkuːkuː, ˈkʊkuː) /


a preparation of boiled corn meal and okras, stirred to a stiff consistency with a cou-cou stick, eaten in the Caribbean

Word Origin for cou-cou

of uncertain origin
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Examples from the Web for cou-cou

  • At the Cou-Cou you pay for what you eat, not for what you order.

    The Merry-Go-Round|Carl Van Vechten
  • This evening at the Cou-Cou then resembled any other evening.

    The Merry-Go-Round|Carl Van Vechten
  • Many of the visitors to the Cou-Cou hang their hats and sticks on this fence and its gate.

    The Merry-Go-Round|Carl Van Vechten