[ kawg-lin, kog- ]


  1. Charles Edward Father Coughlin, 1891–1979, U.S. Roman Catholic priest, activist, radio broadcaster, and editor, born in Canada.

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Less famous than Lindbergh and Coughlin, though well known in certain circles, were those who rejected democracy altogether.

None would ever quite reach the star status that Coughlin had achieved, but they had millions of listeners on thousands of local radio stations across America.

Coughlin also led the Jaguars to the AFC championship game in only their second year of existence — and then did so again three seasons later.

“Technology is the new toilet paper,” Coughlin said during a virtual discussion on the economy of aging hosted by Fortune’s Global Forum.

From Fortune

Coughlin singled out the tech industry as unique in blaming its customers for failing to understand its products.

From Fortune

Charles “Father” Coughlin, a raving anti-Semite, was one of the most popular radio hosts in the country.

Father Charles Edward Coughlin, an influential Roman Catholic priest, would even issue weekly radio diatribes against Jews.

“This understandably outraged Gulf War advocates,” Coughlin says.

On Wednesday Coughlin will testify at a congressional hearing on the health of Gulf War veterans.

OPH never released any data from the study, or even the fact that it exists, Coughlin says.

Sully, I don't want to brag, but you remember how I brought Coughlin under the wire for leader of the nineteenth?

Dan Coughlin, the detective, at this time was about 34 years of age.

Coughlin's jaws were set tightly, and he glared savagely at the witness.

How did they know the history of this man Sampson unless they got it from Coughlin?

See if he did not do a more remarkable thing than Dan Coughlin did.





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