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[ noun koun-ter-uh-tak; verb koun-ter-uh-tak, koun-ter-uh-tak ]


  1. an attack made as an offset or reply to another attack.
  2. Military. an attack by a ground combat unit to drive back an enemy attack.

verb (used with object)

  1. to make a counterattack against.

verb (used without object)

  1. to deliver a counterattack.


/ ˈkaʊntərəˌtæk /


  1. an attack in response to an attack


  1. to make a counterattack (against)

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Word History and Origins

Origin of counterattack1

First recorded in 1915–20; counter- + attack

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Example Sentences

Courtois rescued Real Madrid once more in the 66th minute, blocking a shot from N’Golo Kanté on a threatening counterattack.

City has done a really good job this year shutting off counterattacks and not giving up anything.

The human body appears to retain a memory of the invader and is poised to generate a coordinated counterattack of antibodies and killer T-cells quickly if exposed again.

Five were recovered in a bloody club fight that morning, and a counterattack might come at any moment.

It means not developing the strongest defense or counterattack.

As the debate turns to Obamacare, I decide to launch a counterattack.

Romney stayed on offense on almost every issue, while the president struggled to ever mount a meaningful counterattack.

The interview also provoked a counterattack from the French newsweekly L'Express.

Quickly, Jackson ordered up two brigades to press a counterattack, moving forward his artillery as the infantry advanced.

A favorable decision can not be expected without counterattack.

The exhaustion of officers and men must not cause the neglect of measures to meet a counterattack.

If the assault is successful, preparations must be made at once to repel a counterattack.

Hostile retaliation is not anticipated, but arrangements will be made to deal summarily with any counterattack.


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