/ (ˈkaʊntəˌmuːv) /

  1. an opposing move

  1. to make or do (something) as an opposing move

Derived forms of countermove

  • countermovement, noun

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How to use countermove in a sentence

  • The Throg ship came up in a burst of speed, and Shann waited tensely for some countermove from the scout.

    Storm Over Warlock | Andre Norton
  • Between them she was always conscious of move and countermove.

    The Salamander | Owen Johnson
  • Our countermove—the Tibet Expedition—must have been a crushing and unexpected blow to Russia.

    The Unveiling of Lhasa | Edmund Candler
  • Edward and Louis, irritated at the success of this countermove, waited patiently and renewed their alliance.

  • Perhaps Simon would give Sophia some hint about the countermove he must be planning.