county board


  1. the governing body of a U.S. county consisting usually of three or more elected members.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of county board1

An Americanism dating back to 1830–40

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Example Sentences

It added that county boards across North Carolina must immediately begin to permit such individuals to register to vote.

The final decision was up to the county board of supervisors, which Belinda Astrop was chairing at the time.

He had the ear of the police chief and the county board of supervisors.

The so-called Community Corrections Partnerships, made up of leaders from departments in each county, field budget requests, sometimes debate them, and forward their recommendations to county boards of supervisors.

The new law allows the State Board of Elections to determine that these county boards are performing poorly, replacing the entire board with an administrator chosen at the state level.

From Vox

Toni Preckwinkle, a cerebral and progressive president of the Cook County Board, is a growing presence.

The next day was fixed for the meeting of the County Board, and at the end of the proceedings his diploma was promulgated.

Another plan for a county board would be to have the presidents of the district boards act as a county board of education.

The next day was the meeting of the county board, at the end of which, with open doors, my diploma was promulgated.

County certificates issued by the County Board of Examiners are of three classes, valid for one, two and four years respectively.

This law permits the county board to license outside of cities and towns.


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