[ kawrt-mahr-shuhl, -mahr-, kohrt- ]
/ 藞k蓴rt藢m蓱r 蕛蓹l, -藞m蓱r-, 藞ko蕣rt- /
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noun, plural courts-mar路tial, court-mar路tials.
a court consisting of military or naval personnel appointed by a commander to try charges of offenses by soldiers, sailors, etc., against military or naval law.
a trial by such a court.
a conviction by such a court: He lost his privileges because of his court-martial.
a session of such a court: He attended the court-martial this morning.
verb (used with object), court-mar路tialed, court-mar路tial路ing or (especially British) court-mar路tialled, court-mar路tial路ling.
to arraign and try by court-martial.
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Origin of court-martial

First recorded in 1565鈥75; earlier martial court
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How to use court-martial in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for court-martial

court martial

noun plural court martials or courts martial
a military court that tries persons subject to military law
verb court-martial, -tials, -tialling or -tialled or US -tials, -tialing or -tialed
(tr) to try by court martial
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