[ kuhz-uhn ]
/ ˈkʌz ən /
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Also called first cousin, full cousin . the son or daughter of an uncle or aunt.See also second cousin, removed (def. 2).
one related by descent in a diverging line from a known common ancestor, as from one's grandparent or from one's father's or mother's sister or brother.
a kinsman or kinswoman; relative.
a person or thing related to another by similar natures, languages, geographical proximity, etc.: Our Canadian cousins are a friendly people.
Slang. a gullible, innocent person who is easily duped or taken advantage of.
a term of address used by a sovereign in speaking, writing, or referring to another sovereign or a high-ranking noble.


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Origin of cousin

1250–1300; Middle English cosin<Anglo-French co(u)sin,Old French cosin<Latin consōbrīnus cousin (properly, son of one's mother's sister), equivalent to con-con- + sōbrīnus second cousin (presumably originally “pertaining to the sister”) <*swesrīnos, equivalent to *swesr-, gradational variant of *swesōr (>sororsister) + *-īnos-ine1; for -sr->-br-cf. December
cous·in·age, cous·in·hood, cous·in·ship, noun

Definition for cousin (2 of 2)

[ koo-zan ]
/ kuˈzɛ̃ /


Vic·tor [veek-tawr], /vikˈtɔr/, 1792–1867, French philosopher and educational reformer: founder of the method of eclecticism in French philosophy.
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British Dictionary definitions for cousin (1 of 2)

/ (ˈkʌzən) /


Also called: first cousin, cousin-german, full cousin the child of one's aunt or uncle
a relative who has descended from one of one's common ancestors. A person's second cousin is the child of one of his parents' first cousins. A person's third cousin is the child of one of his parents' second cousins. A first cousin once removed (or loosely second cousin) is the child of one's first cousin
a member of a group related by race, ancestry, interests, etcour Australian cousins
a title used by a sovereign when addressing another sovereign or a nobleman
cousinhood or cousinship, nouncousinly, adjective, adverb
C13: from Old French cosin, from Latin consōbrīnus cousin, from sōbrīnus cousin on the mother's side; related to soror sister

British Dictionary definitions for cousin (2 of 2)

/ (French kuzɛ̃) /


Victor (viktɔr). 1792–1867, French philosopher and educational reformer
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Idioms and Phrases with cousin


see country cousin; first cousin; kissing cousins; second cousin.

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