[ kuhv-er-lit ]
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  1. Also cov·er·lid [kuhv-er-lid]. /ˈkʌv ər lɪd/. a bed quilt that does not cover the pillow, used chiefly for warmth; bedspread.

  2. Archaic. any covering or cover.

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Origin of coverlet

1250–1300; Middle English coverlite<Anglo-French cuver-lit bedspread, equivalent to cuver to cover + lit bed <Latin lectus; akin to lie2, lay1

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How to use coverlet in a sentence

  • Here Letty drew the coverlet from the face of the sleeping babe, and displayed his chubby proportions with maternal pride.

    The World Before Them | Susanna Moodie
  • The thick white hair was arranged in seemly order, and his hands lay upon the coverlet as if he had finished something.

    Skipper Worse | Alexander Lange Kielland
  • She turned and saw the moonlight streaming in at the window, and lying like a silver coverlet upon the floor.

  • He was silent for a full minute while the girl in the bed plucked at the coverlet and eyed first him and then Greenleaf.

    The Winning Clue | James Hay, Jr.
  • He doubled his cloak, that by rolling himself up in it, it might serve the purposes both of a bed and of a coverlet.

British Dictionary definitions for coverlet


/ (ˈkʌvəlɪt) /

  1. another word for bedspread

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