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cowboy hat


  1. a broad-brimmed hat with a high crown, usually of soft felt, as worn by cowboys and ranchers.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cowboy hat1

First recorded in 1890–95

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Example Sentences

His combination of traditional country injected with rock and pop enchanted listeners who previously scoffed at the idea they could relate to anyone in a cowboy hat.

He wore a gray poncho and a cowboy hat with a pin in the shape of a cow’s skull.

No wonder Elba’s Harp, elegant even in a rumpled cotton shirt and tattered straw cowboy hat, feels at home with a regal equine houseguest.

From Time

One man entered the Capitol wearing a dark cowboy hat and a large respirator that covered all but his eyes and forehead.

And he had a cowboy hat that he liked touching, too—he smoothed the brim back like it was a ducktail haircut.

In 2011, Mahone traded in his cowboy hat for a trendy beanie, skyrocketing to viral fame through a series of YouTube music videos.

Carrillo said the maid described the ghost as a handsome Hispanic man in his 50s who wore a cowboy hat, a brown coat, and jeans.

The box, we discover, contains a quite-lovely white Stetson-style cowboy hat.

I put monkeys on the sheep, and one was a cowboy in chaps and a cowboy hat, and one was a jockey in silks.

Can you not see her in a cowboy hat with a brace of revolvers at her belt?

Her sentence was interrupted by a dashing girl in khaki and a cowboy hat, astride a fiery little mustang.

He wore a huge cowboy hat, beneath which his long hair fell almost to his shoulders, la Buffalo Bill.

Then he took Jim's cowboy hat, and slouched the brim down front like a hayseed boy.

The stiff-brimmed cowboy hat was jammed on the back of his head, the white silk handkerchief hung loose about his shoulders.





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