[ kram-pon ]
/ ˈkræm pɒn /


a spiked iron plate worn on boots or shoes for aid in climbing or to prevent slipping on ice, snow, etc.
a device for grasping and lifting heavy loads, usually consisting of a pair of hooks suspended from a chain or cable, the upward pull on which provides tension for the hooks to grip the load on opposite sides.
Also cram·poon [kram-poon] /kræmˈpun/.

Origin of crampon

1275–1325; Middle English cra(u)mpon < Old French crampon < Old Low Franconian *krampo, cognate with Old High German krampfo, Middle Dutch crampe; see cramp2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for crampon

  • Outside the bandages I wore six pairs of thick woollen socks, fur boots and a crampon over-shoe of soft leather.

British Dictionary definitions for crampon


/ (ˈkræmpən) /


one of a pair of pivoted steel levers used to lift heavy objects; grappling iron
(often plural) one of a pair of frames each with 10 or 12 metal spikes, strapped to boots for climbing or walking on ice or snow


to climb using crampons

Word Origin for crampon

C15: from French, from Middle Dutch crampe hook; see cramp ²
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