[ kran-stuhn ]


  1. a city in E Rhode Island, near Providence.

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Example Sentences

Cranston works in Canada at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Engineers, says Cranston, must find a balance among all these important properties.

Unable to overcome his weakness in the figures, Cranston never won the major international titles that Curry did despite occasionally besting the Brit in the free skate.

It’s very clear that the resistance to Curry and Cranston’s on-ice style was due to their perceived violation of gender norms.

Cranston said he actually was that character—“We actually had a kissing scene together!”

Louis-Dreyfus made a joke that Cranston looked like a character Elaine had dated on Seinfeld.

The skit features Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an island-hungry TV star customer and that unique brand of Cranston-Paul chemistry.

There is no Christine Baranski, no Bryan Cranston, no Julia Louis-Dreyfus, or Allison Williams.

The Daily Beast spoke with Cranston about life after Walter White, the amazing close to Breaking Bad, and his future roles.

Brenton advised that he should be impeached, whereupon Clarke resigned in favor of his nephew, Samuel Cranston.

Four years later another town was formed from Providence County and incorporated under the name of Cranston.

The best that can be said of Gov. Cranston's letter is, it was very respectful in tone.

Across the street was the building which housed the Cranston Chronicle, the largest daily newspaper in the state.

She heard the connection switch and the chief of the Cranston bureau snapped a question at her.