crash out

verb(intr, adverb) slang
    • to go to sleep

    • to spend the night (in a place): we crashed out at John's place

  1. to pass out

  1. informal to be eliminated from a competition in a way that brings disgrace or embarrassment

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How to use crash out in a sentence

  • Her fingers made the bells crash out her horror and disgust, and her appeal to a higher power to right this dreadful wrong.

    The City of Fire | Grace Livingston Hill
  • The whole of the civilised world was talking of the stupendous conflict that had burst upon it like a crash out of a clear sky.

    From the Housetops | George Barr McCutcheon
  • The whole gang was going to crash out as soon as the fire had attracted everybody away.

    Four-Day Planet | Henry Beam Piper
  • No sound save that low, sibilant roar, and an occasional crash out there somewhere in the darkness.

    The Metal Moon | Everett C. Smith
  • I hope some day they will run into each other so hard that they will crash out ignition sparks and take fire.

    Over Paradise Ridge | Maria Thompson Daviess