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[krash-dahyv, -dahyv]
verb (used with or without object), crash-dived or crash-dove, crash-dived, crash-div·ing.
  1. to dive rapidly at a steep angle.
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Origin of crash-dive

First recorded in 1925–30

crash dive

  1. a rapid dive by a submarine made at a steep angle, especially to avoid attack from a surface vessel or airplane.
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Origin of crash dive

First recorded in 1915–20
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Historical Examples of crash-dive

  • He used that as an excuse to crash-dive while your father was sleeping on deck.

    The Syndic

    C.M. Kornbluth

British Dictionary definitions for crash-dive

crash dive

  1. a sudden steep dive from the surface by a submarine
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verb crash-dive
  1. (usually of an aircraft) to descend steeply and rapidly, before hitting the ground
  2. to perform or cause to perform a crash dive
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