[ kraw-ferd ]


  1. Cheryl, 1902–86, U.S. stage director and producer.
  2. Francis Marion, 1854–1909, U.S. novelist, in Italy after 1885.
  3. Joan Lucille Fay Le Sueur, 1908?–77, U.S. actress.
  4. Thomas, 1813?–57, U.S. sculptor.
  5. William Harris, 1772–1834, U.S. political leader: senator 1807–13, secretary of the Treasury 1816–25.


/ ˈkrɔːfəd /


  1. CrawfordJoan19081977FUSFILMS AND TV: actress Joan , real name Lucille le Sueur . 1908–77, US film actress, who portrayed ambitious women in such films as Mildred Pierce (1945)
  2. CrawfordMichael1942MBritishTHEATRE: actor Michael , real name Michael Dumbell Smith . born 1942, British actor and singer, noted for his role in the sitcom Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em (1973–78) and performances in West End musicals esp. Barnum (1981) and The Phantom of the Opera (1986)

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Example Sentences

In his statement, Crawford acknowledged that in one dorm, six detainees had passed out over a single weekend.

Crawford specifically notes that she will be leading a product in the conversations space.

In January, leaving Knight in Ada’s care, Crawford, Galle and Maurer tried again — it would be the last time the three men were seen alive.

From Ozy

Crawford also chairs the board of the nonprofit Center for Space Commerce and Finance.

Crawford has missed two games this season and played fewer than two dozen snaps.

Before Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston was in a rumored relationship with friend Robyn Crawford.

She told TIME magazine in 1987 that Crawford was the “sister I never had.”

But rumors of a romantic relationship between Houston and Crawford were, at one time, actually documented.

Yolonda Ross, who plays Crawford in ‘Whitney,’ breaks down the supposed love story.

Over the years, Crawford has been largely silent, speaking out only for an as-told-to obituary to Houston published in Esquire.

In his speech during the discussion on the address, Mr. Sharman Crawford had threatened to move the stoppage of supplies.

Warren ordered Crawford to take them once more in flank, and sent one of McKenzie's brigades to aid him.

I know a man on Crawford's staff, and he assured me that none of them were in the secret.

Crawford was a tailor, and worked at his trade as little as possible, but quietly enjoyed his potations.

But General Crawford had reached a cross-road, by taking a circuitous route, and the Southern army was thus shut off from retreat.


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