/ ˈkrɔːlɪ /


  1. a town in S England, in NE West Sussex: designated a new town in 1956. Pop: 100 547 (2001)

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Example Sentences

Two seasons ago, the show killed off its main romantic interest, Matthew Crawley, in an ugly car accident.

TT: Are you concerned about not being able to throw the image of Matthew Crawley off?

Not Downton Abbey, which is unable to figure out what to do with itself in a post-Matthew Crawley world.

The main couple is the young, good-looking pair of Mathew (Dan Stevens) and Mary Crawley (Michelle Dockery).

Those tragedies include the death of heir Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) and youngest daughter Sybil (Jessica Brown Findlay).

Then he sealed up the paper, and when Crawley came he found him walking up and down the room.

Crawley, George Fielding must not come back this year with one thousand pounds.

That single word suspended the glass going to Crawley's lips, and the chuckle coming from them.

Wicked as these men of violence had been six months ago, gold and Crawley had made them worse, ay, much worse.

And at this period of our tale these horrors had made room for a phantom more horrible still to such a creature as Crawley.





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