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[ krey-on, -uhn ]


  1. a pointed stick or pencil of colored clay, chalk, wax, etc., used for drawing or coloring.
  2. a drawing in crayons.

verb (used with object)

  1. to draw or color with a crayon or crayons.

verb (used without object)

  1. to make a drawing with crayons.


/ -ɒn; ˈkreɪən /


  1. a small stick or pencil of charcoal, wax, clay, or chalk mixed with coloured pigment
  2. a drawing made with crayons


  1. to draw or colour with crayons

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Derived Forms

  • ˈcrayonist, noun

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Other Words From

  • crayon·ist noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of crayon1

1635–45; < French, equivalent to craie chalk (< Latin crēta clay, chalk) + -on noun suffix

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Word History and Origins

Origin of crayon1

C17: from French, from craie, from Latin crēta chalk

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Example Sentences

Crawford, the second commanding officer, a few minutes earlier had come to give us some coloring paper and crayons.

Half of Blade Wynne’s drawings are in pencil and the others in crayon, a natural medium for someone who teaches second-graders.

In fact their approach has as much in common with “style transfer” techniques — redrawing images in an impressionistic, crayon and arbitrary other fashions — than with deepfakes as they are commonly understood.

I felt it when as a child I picked out the crayons that I thought most closely resembled my skin tone and my father’s and felt great relief that they were, at least, both brown.

From Time

That experience of aroma-evoked memory became known as the Proust phenomenon, familiar to anyone who’s lost track of the present after burying their nose in a box of crayons.

Consider a song like “Crayon” by G-Dragon, a member of the boy band Big Bang.

A crude label, written in red crayon and held on with tape, read , “Friedrich Wilhelm Ier, der Soldaten König.”

He examined the other coffins, each with its crude red crayon label held on with tape.

He opens a letter from his daughter, scrawled in uneven crayon: “Dear Daddy, can I come see you soon?”

At six, I told my mother - proudly and with half-eaten crayon on my face - that "children were yucky and dogs were better."

She also practises etching, pen-and-ink drawing, as well as crayon and water-color sketching.

This crayon "enlargement" presented John with very black skin and spotless white hair.

He used a machine called a physionotrace which enabled him to make profile drawing in white chalk and in crayon.

One certain stroke of the crayon is worth a hundred lines, each approaching the right one.

And with a crayon he made drawings on the wainscot of the room.


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