1. the craythur (ˈkreːθər) a variant of cratur (def. 1)

  2. (ˈkreːtʃər) a variant of cratur (def. 2)

Origin of craythur

from Irish Gaelic Créatur creature

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How to use craythur in a sentence

  • I used the last o mine this mornin for the pore old craythur.

    In Wild Rose Time | Amanda M. Douglas
  • Then cook had given her a drap of the craythur to keep out the cold.

    In Wild Rose Time | Amanda M. Douglas
  • Oh, and it's yersilf that don't shoy off from a dthrop o' the craythur whin yer thravellin' the thrail.

    The Magnetic North | Elizabeth Robins (C. E. Raimond)
  • Aw, he's been helped—there's that Mister Loviboy, a power of money the craythur must have had out of him.

  • I wondher does my mother know I'm tuk away—and Oonah, too, the craythur, would be sorry for me.

    Handy Andy, Volume One | Samuel Lover