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[ kree-ping ]


  1. Slang. the act or practice of following someone persistently or stealthily, especially online:

    Twitter and LinkedIn creeping is a normal part of my day.


  1. advancing or developing gradually so as to infringe on or supplant something else:

    creeping inflation;

    creeping socialism.

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Example Sentences

The bass performs best indoors in rooms with good acoustics, but even outdoors playing a creeping, low end-rich song such as “Angel” from Massive Attack, the sound comes through in appropriately spine-tingling waves.

There’s nothing worse than heading home early from what should be a great ski day because you can’t feel your toes, or having a tough time focusing at work because all you can think about is the cold creeping into your boots.

And so the same creeping rot of the rule of law that the administration has inflicted on immigration now bedevils our drug laws.

She smiled, too, her incisors creeping out from behind her lips.

There are some stats to explain why the age of nominees is creeping up.

She confessed to harboring a “creeping concern that [Edward Snowden] is not who he purports to be.”

A creeping sense develops that Judy fled not just a stifling culture but a genuine existential threat.

The lady in black, creeping behind them, looked a trifle paler and more jaded than usual.

Her feet crush creeping things: there is a busy ant or blazoned beetle, with its back broken, writhing in the dust, unseen.

I still think we might have done as well at much less cost by creeping up these 200 or 300 yards by night.

They destroy ants and spiders and other creeping things, so that Alila's mother never kills them nor drives them away.

But he did not notice a silent figure creeping up to the window of the room in which the rest were dining.


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