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or crape

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  1. a lightweight fabric of silk, cotton, or other fiber, with a finely crinkled or ridged surface.
  2. a usually black band or piece of this material, worn as a token of mourning.
  3. a thin, light, delicate pancake.
  4. crepe paper.
  5. crepe rubber.
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verb (used with object), creped, crep·ing.
  1. to cover, clothe, or drape with crepe.
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Origin of crepe

1790–1800; < French < Latin crispus curled, wrinkled
Can be confusedcrap crape crepe crêpe crept


[kreyp; for 2 also krep or, French, krep]
noun, plural crêpes [kreyps; for 2 also kreps or, French, krep] /kreɪps; for 2 also krɛps or, French, krɛp/.
  1. crepe(defs 1, 2).
  2. crepe(def 3).
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Origin of crêpe

From French; see origin at crepe
Can be confusedcrap crape crepe crêpe crept
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Historical Examples of crepe

  • In fact, she had the lilies of the field lookin' like crepe paper imitations.

    Torchy As A Pa

    Sewell Ford

  • "I looked for the crepe on the door as we drove up," I told him.

    Land of the Burnt Thigh

    Edith Eudora Kohl

  • At that very moment, the crepe flounce on her dress was accidently torn off.

    Revolutionary Reader

    Sophie Lee Foster

  • But even at that they considered it poor taste when he hung a piece of crepe on the door.


    Dane Coolidge

  • As mentioned before, the crepe for vacuum drying should be thin.

British Dictionary definitions for crepe



    1. a light cotton, silk, or other fabric with a fine ridged or crinkled surface
    2. (as modifier)a crepe dress
  1. a black armband originally made of this, worn as a sign of mourning
  2. a very thin pancake, often rolled or folded around a filling
  3. short for crepe paper, crepe rubber
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  1. (tr) to cover or drape with crepe
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Word Origin for crepe

C19: from French crêpe, from Latin crispus curled, uneven, wrinkled
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Word Origin and History for crepe


1797, from French crêpe, from Old French crespe (14c.), from Latin crispa, fem. of crispus "curled, wrinkled" (see crisp (adj.)). Meaning "small, thin pancake" is from 1877. Crepe paper is first attested 1895.

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