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noun Prosody.
  1. a trisyllabic foot, the arrangement of the syllables of which is long, short, long in quantitative meter, or stressed, unstressed, stressed in accentual meter, as anodyne, an accentual amphimacer.
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Origin of amphimacer

1580–90; < Latin amphimacrus < Greek amphímakros long at both ends. See amphi-, macro-; cf. amphibrach
Also called cre·tic [kree-tik] /ˈkri tɪk/.
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Historical Examples

  • The Kaiser supplied him with these figures, just as the Cretic approached Morocco.

    The Education of Henry Adams

    Henry Adams

  • Yes, to the Cretic, which left dock the very night in which we are so deeply interested.

    The Golden Slipper

    Anna Katharine Green

  • The metre is dochmiac, each dochmius consisting of an iambus followed by a cretic, .

  • Cicero preferred the cretic – ∪ – which he says is the metrical equivalent of the paean.

British Dictionary definitions for cretic


  1. prosody a metrical foot consisting of three syllables, the first long, the second short, and the third long (– ◡ –)Also called: amphimacer Compare amphibrach
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin crēticus consisting of the amphimacer, literally: Cretan, from Greek krētikos, from Krētē Crete


  1. prosody another word for cretic
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin amphimacrus, from Greek amphimakros both ends being long, from amphi- + makros long
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