[ kruh-vas ]
/ krəˈvæs /
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a fissure, or deep cleft, in glacial ice, the earth's surface, etc.
a breach in an embankment or levee.

verb (used with object), cre·vassed, cre·vas·sing.

to fissure with crevasses.



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Origin of crevasse

1805–15, Americanism;<French; see crevice
un·cre·vassed, adjective
crevice, crevasse
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British Dictionary definitions for crevasse

/ (krɪˈvæs) /


a deep crack or fissure, esp in the ice of a glacier
US a break in a river embankment


(tr) US to make a break or fissure in (a dyke, wall, etc)
C19: from French: crevice
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Scientific definitions for crevasse

[ krĭ-văs ]

A deep fissure in a glacier or other body of ice. Crevasses are usually caused by differential movement of parts of the ice over an uneven topography.
A large, deep fissure in the Earth caused by an earthquake.
A wide crack or breach in the bank of a river. Crevasses usually form during floods.♦ The sediments that spill out through the crevasse and fan out along the external margin of the river's bank form a crevasse splay deposit.
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