verb (used with object), cribbed, crib·bing.

verb (used without object), cribbed, crib·bing.

  1. to use a crib in examinations, homework, translating, etc.
  2. to steal; plagiarize.
(of a horse) to practice cribbing.


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Origin of crib

before 1000; Middle English cribbe, Old English crib(b); cognate with Dutch krib, German Krippe; cf. crèche

Related formsun·crib, verb (used with object), un·cribbed, un·crib·bing. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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British Dictionary definitions for crib



a child's bed with slatted wooden sides; cot
a cattle stall or pen
a fodder rack or manger
a bin or granary for storing grain, etc
a small crude cottage or room
US informal a house or residence
NZ a weekend cottage: term is South Island usage only
any small confined space
informal a brothel
a wicker basket
a representation of the manger in which the infant Jesus was laid at birth
informal a theft, esp of another's writing or thoughts
Also called (esp US): pony informal, mainly British a translation of a foreign text or a list of answers used by students, often illicitly, as an aid in lessons, examinations, etc
short for cribbage
cribbage the discard pile
Also called: cribwork a framework of heavy timbers laid in layers at right angles to one another, used in the construction of foundations, mines, etc
a storage area for floating logs contained by booms
Australian and NZ a packed lunch taken to work

verb cribs, cribbing or cribbed

(tr) to put or enclose in or as if in a crib; furnish with a crib
(tr) informal to steal (another's writings or thoughts)
(intr) informal to copy either from a crib or from someone else during a lesson or examination
(tr) to line (a construction hole) with timber beams, logs, or planks
(intr) informal to grumble
Derived Formscribber, noun

Word Origin for crib

Old English cribb; related to Old Saxon kribbia, Old High German krippa; compare Middle High German krēbe basket

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