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noun plural -la (-lə)
  1. a sievelike spinning organ in certain spiders that occurs between the spinnerets
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Word Origin for cribellum

C19: New Latin, from Late Latin cribellum, diminutive of Latin cribrum a sieve
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Historical Examples of cribellum

  • In the male the cribellum is rudimentary, and there is no calamistrum.

    The Common Spiders of the United States

    James Henry Emerton

  • Cribellum, kri-bel′um, n. an accessory spinning-organ of certain spiders—also Cribrell′um:—pl.

  • They have in front of the usual spinnerets an additional organ, which is named the cribellum (Fig. 102, c).

  • By means of the calamistrum these spiders comb from the cribellum a band of loose threads which form a part of their webs.

  • There are two quite distinct types of regular webs made by spiders possessing a cribellum and a calamistrum.