critical point

[ krit-i-kuhl point ]
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  1. Physics. the point at which a substance in one phase, as the liquid, has the same density, pressure, and temperature as in another phase, as the gaseous: The volume of water at the critical point is uniquely determined by the critical temperature.

  2. Mathematics.

    • (of a function of a single variable) a point at which the derivative of the function is zero: One critical point, at x = 0, is a decreasing function for positive x.

    • (of a function of several variables) a point at which all partial derivatives of the function are zero: Find and classify all the critical points of the given function.

Origin of critical point

First recorded in 1875–80

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British Dictionary definitions for critical point

critical point

  1. physics

    • the point on a phase diagram that represents the critical state of a substance

    • another name for critical state

  2. maths the US name for stationary point

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Scientific definitions for critical point

critical point

  1. Physics The temperature and pressure at which the liquid and gaseous phases of a pure substance become unstable and fluctuate locally within the substance. The critical point of water is at a temperature of 374°C (705.2°F) and a pressure of 218 atmospheres, at which point it becomes opaque. Compare triple point.

    • A maximum, minimum, or point of inflection of a curve.

    • A point at which the derivative of a function is zero, infinite, or undefined.

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